Press Release

Press Release


What you get.

Harness the power of traditional media by developing and releasing a press release. Over a quick 10 minute initial consult, we’ll discuss your business, your past PR pieces (if any) and what your objectives are. We’ll then be able to let you know if there’s enough to work with, or whether there's may be a better time in future to revisit PR. 
If we are able to find a story and angle that suits, we’ll then work our magic and deliver you with a ready to send press release. 
This package also includes:

  • Our tips and tricks for getting a piece published 
  • A curated list of journalists to contact (x5) to get you started

Perfect for those who... 

  • felt like crying after Googling ‘how to write a press release’ 
  • aren't sure if their business is newsworthy
  • want to reach new audiences
  • feel like words aren't their forte, but have something exciting to share
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