Key Messaging Workshop

Key Messaging Workshop


What you get.

Over a two hour workshop, we’ll unpack every aspect of you, your business and your brand. Working together we’ll identify the ‘why’ behind your work, the things that make you unique and how you can communicate this effectively with your audience.
We'll wrap this up and deliver you with your customised guide which will define:

  • Your brand pillars (the values that define your business)
  • Your brand mission (the why behind what you do)
  • Your brand promise (what your customers can expect from every interaction)
  • Your brand essence (what you do, in as few words as possible)

Perfect for those who... 

  • have a logo, but don’t think they have a brand yet
  • aren’t sure how to say what they do
  • are just starting out or need a new beginning
  • feel like their value in the market isn’t understood
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