Goals and Metrics Workshop

Goals and Metrics Workshop


What you get.

Over a two hour workshop, we’ll go through your entire marketing funnel: from discovery and awareness, to nurturing and conversion. We’ll help you identify your channels and current performance for each before developing strategic goals and establishing metrics to measure your ongoing success.
We’ll wrap this up and deliver you a customised guide which will include:

  • A clear outline of your business goals
  • A supporting outline of your marketing goals
  • Your key channels and touch points, for each stage of the marketing funnel
  •  Metrics and key performance indicators to continuously measure your success

Note: this doesn’t include Google Analytics setup, or conversion tracking.

Perfect for those who... 

  • haven’t really thought about having a marketing plan
  • are overwhelmed by their stats
  • aren’t sure what’s important to look at
  • want to know where their marketing weaknesses are
  • are wondering what a marketing funnel is
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