Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis


What you get.

Over an initial consultation, we’ll go over your business, it's mission, its weaknesses and it's future. We’ll also discuss your main competitors (if you're aware of them) or identify the most competitive aspects of your offering. 
We’ll then work our magic and deliver you with a custom competitor analysis. This will include an in-depth report on four organisations, their strengths and weaknesses, where they threaten your offering and where they leave opportunities for you to excel. 
You'll walk away with a solid understanding of how you measure up in the market and what you can do to start moving up the ladder immediately. 

Perfect for those who... 

  • aren't sure who their competitors are
  • want to know where their value is and how to communicate it
  • feel like they could be missing something in their current marketing
  • hear competitive and think, yes, very
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